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About Provision

At Provision, we not only work to meet your needs, we exceed them. Our vision started with a belief that the greatest experiences happen over food.

This idea started over a conversation with a friend, who suggested that during this new normal (post covid-19), one thing that he and his family will be looking for is a chef and dishwasher for dinners, he did not see himself going out to dinner for some time, and having a private chef was now a priority on his list.

This got us wondering:

How can we ensure that he and his family experience a meal at home that is equal to or better than a crowded 5-star restaurant? Where can chefs practice their passion if they don’t want to work the traditional 6 days a week in a restaurant or give up their day jobs?

Our solution is www.provisionchefs.com. We have made it simple to organize a great private chef to cook for you in your home. Posting a request only takes minutes, and we have taken the guesswork out of choosing a private chef with customer reviews and photos of chefs’ creations.


Provide us with some basic information by filling out the form so our team of private chefs can send you proposed menus



Within 24 hours, a minimum of 2 chefs will submit their menu proposals to you with all-inclusive prices. Just select the chef and menu for you!


The chef meets you at your address with all the ingredients for the menu you chose, cooks a scrumptious restaurant-quality meal for you, and leaves none of the mess!

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Food provisioning for Luxury Estates and Motor Yachts

We understand that the offer of provisioning is extensive – we can help with many other services and items which go far beyond just food and drinks. It can be flowers, interior décor, helping with finding local specialists or anything else that those on board need help with. In this realm, we are a concierge service instead of a simple order/delivery provider.

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